Matt Paul
Innovative Trainer & Coach
The game of basketball has been great and kind to me. I’ve always been  passionate about the game of basketball with my training, development, and studying. I enjoy the process of development. My passion, dedication and commitment to being GREAT, resulted in being a smart and versatile player.
Coupled with over a decade of training and coaching experience, I have developed a system to strategically increase performance of the 4 “Factors” to winning basketball games. The system is strategic and purposeful with fundamentals to provide measurable and seeable results.
Over the last two years I have been in the lab training my little sister to reach her desires of playing major Div. I Basketball. She signed her NLI in Nov. 2015 in the early period to play for The University of Georgia. She’s ranked top 100 ESPN High School Girls class of 2016, and ranked number 27 by Prospect Basketball. The most common compliment from the 40 plus coaches who recruited her and offered her a scholarship was how skillful and fundamentally sound she was on the court. Stephanie Paul, 2015-16 SWFL Girl’s Basketball Player of the Year developed her game through this training methodology.
FundEx Performance, Foundation to Succees.